Cancer and Tumor

Cancer and tumor occurs when the cells in a human body die or damage and not replaced. When this happen the genetic material (DNA) of the cell will produce mutations that affect normal cell growth and division. Since the old cells still there and new cells keep forming, extra cells will form a mass of tissue which is called a tumor.


There are many causes of cancers. The most popular is cause by tobacco. Weak body’s immune system is also one of the reasons. Others include;

  • drinking too much alcohol
  • genetic problems
  • radiation
  • viruses
  • etc

Due to the numbers of cancers identified to date, cancer treatment varies base on the type, cancerous or noncancerous and its location.

Noncancerous tumors grow slowly and do not spread or invade other tissues. They are not usually life threatening. Often they are remove due to cosmetic issue and those that grow around the brain area.

If a tumor is cancerous, possible treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Surgery
  • A combination of these methods

If the cancer is in one location, the goal of treatment is usually to remove the tumor with surgery. If the tumor has spread to local lymph nodes only, sometimes these can also be removed. If all of the cancer cannot be removed with surgery, the options for treatment include radiation and chemotherapy, or both. Some patients need a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.



Tumor of any kind can be cured using many different kind of herbs. Acupuncture and herbal practitioner Chinese Master in Malaysia is well known for his knowledge in utilizing these herbs for tumor treatments. Many people from all around the world will travel to Kuala Lumpur for Chinese Master cancer and tumor treatment as complementary or alternative medicines.

In Chinese Master centers, he uses herbs from different country for tumor treatments. He even cultivate some herbs plant in his own garden to ensure the quality of it. Usually herbs for cancer and tumors are mixtures of different type of herbs depending on the types of cancer and also body condition. The combinations of herbs prescript for each condition.

Due to Chinese Master effectiveness, there are a lot of good feedback as well as reference. This is also because acupuncture and herbal treatment are famous for being a natural treatment as well as have less or no side effect. It is widely use in the oncology department all over the world especially China, Asia, USA, etc etc. Acupuncture is being used for pain management for these countries and some may use it to regenerate their body immune system to fight against tumor.


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